What Are You Waiting For?

January 8, 2013

When you separate yourself from your lack, there is no other room for anything but your desires.  Why believe in lack of what is wanted?  We say this is just silly.  You have Choice, You have Free Will, You Create your Life and we say, Create It Well!  Create It Happy!  Create It With Love For Yourself!  For no other has any choice in how your life plays out but you, Play it Well.  So knowing this, tell us how it feels dear ones to have a Happy Life.


We always answer you but at times it seems more comfortable to believe you send out your request for guidance just to let it go, not understanding we want you to know the answer.  Some call it prayers; others know it is guidance for that is what we do.  We never give you answers for you have free will to decide what to do, so we always guide you toward that which serves you.  

When you are in pain, it seems easy to ask, hoping the answer will solve the problem.  But we say there is no answer, only direction.  You can choose to go in the direction of least resistance or you may choose the direction that brings you more incentive for change.  Either way, sooner or later you come to the point in life where it no longer serves you to be in pain and you will pull yourself up to accept the change you feared. 

Change is scary for it is the unknown that brings fear.  Even when the known is completely painful, the unknown is equally fearful.  Guidance is usually changes and you will do anything not to change that which is broken, for you have mastered working with the broken situations.  The problem is that your inner guidance knows you deserve better than broken life experiences so little by little it become relevant that change is needed.

We are all working together here, you know.  We all want the same for each other and that is to be in alignment with your wants and desires.  This brings happiness, joy, peace, inner love and freedom.  We are all on a journey to achieve these feelings, though many get lost on the way.  Fear not for we always are here for you, whispering in your ear, sending you messages, reminding you of what you really desire in life and that is the achievement of you desires, dear ones.

My Heart Hurts

August 11, 2012

Dear ones, we hear your cries and know your pain but we say it is your choice to hurt, you know.  You have given all your power to another and when the other does not do what you feel they should, then you react in pain.

Love is so misused that it should be renamed ‘Pain’.  We all want to be in love but the happiness tends to lead into sadness and then we call that Love. 

Love is simply you feeling happy with yourself because you use someone else’s reaction to you as a reminder of who you really are.  In other words, when you first meet someone you like, they make you feel this inner joy.  You feel stronger, happier, more confident in yourself.  You think if this person likes me, well I must be likable. 

Now the truth is that you are likable but not to yourself.  You are using this person’s opinion of you to like yourself.  Then if this person now steps out of line and doesn’t do what you want of him/her, then you start to doubt your liability. 

We say, do not use another to like yourself.  Do not use another’s opinion to see who you really are.  And never, never, never use another to give you what you deserve in life and you will never feel your heart hurting for love again.

But I Love Him / Her

July 29, 2012

Dear one, we hear your cries and feel your pain but we also understand you are blinded by love and do not see clearly.  You do not understand how someone who loves you can hurt you so badly.  You do not understand why someone who cares can walk away when you need them.  You do not understand why your heart yearns for love yet the love you have has more pain than joy and we say, dear, dear one – listen closely for your attention is on the wrong person.

The person you desire does not give you what you want for he/she is not you.  You depend on someone to do your job and then you suffer for it is not being done. Dear one, do not depend on him/her to bring you joy and you shall never be disappointed.

What is it that you want from another?  To be loved unconditionally, to be treated kindly, to be admired for you abilities?  We say think carefully for if this is what you are desiring from another, it is because it is what you are not giving to yourself.  

You can not want for something that you have fulfilled yourself.  Once you understand that no one can fill the voids of love other than yourself, then you will never look for another to help you love yourself.  And then the ones you love will be all you will have desired.

Secret of Life

July 23, 2012

Life is amazing if you choose to allow it. We are constantly receiving good emotions though we do not always allow ourselves to accept them. There is this internal excitement that you have once you realize that life is good and we receive all that we allow. In other words, we are creating our own lives. We are receiving what we allow, good or sad. We are the ones in control of how our life manifests. If we are not happy we can change what we think and have.

This is hard to accept since life tends to be harder than what anyone wants. We want money, we want the perfect relationship, we want fun and happiness, we want perfect health, etc. So let us break this down. We can have whatever we put our mind to and believe in.

Why is it that you are not in the relationship you desire? Are you alone for you do not believe the perfect mate is out there or are you afraid of being hurt? Are you in a relationship that does not bring you joy? The bottom line is that you are where you are because the benefits out weigh the losses. You may think this person is the best you can have or that you deserve not to have someone better. Once broken down it goes back to not having your mind set on change and not believing in yourself.

We can say the same for the lack of money or fun in your life and yes about your health also. Do you know that stress is what ages you and creates diseases? Why would you ever stress about anything that you truly believe in? It just is not possible. Change the way you think, believe and be open to what can be and it will manifest, it is law.

We all have those voices in our head that do not serve us. Sometimes we have to choose not to listen or even my favorite – yell back. “This is not what I believe in any longer!” Make choice that serve what you want in life. Live in happiness, let go that which has hurt you and bask in the good things in life. What you focus on multiplies, focus on what you want.

Manifesting your Desires

July 20, 2012

Dear Ones, you have found yourself reading this post for you are ready for some changes.  Life is so simple, yet you choose to make it complicated.  This is not a failure on your part for we all take different paths to our goals.  We choose to concentrate on other’s proplems or incorporate other’s problems into our lives and we say Why?  You can not please another, you can only please yourself.  This being known, why are you living in a situation that does not bring you joy?  Why are you at a job that you feel trapped in, why are you trying to please a family or friend who does not understand you?  These actions only create more dispair and more rejection.

Life is supposed to be fun.  You have agreed to come here to find happiness at any cost.  Your fear of change is the excuse you choose in order not to worry if you are worthy enough to succeed or not.  This, dear one is what keeps you grounded in a life which does not manifest your dreams.  And your dreams are the doorways to living.

We say choose to live, choose to be happy, choose to do what ever steps are needed to seperate you from what does not bring you joy.  For in following your heart, your desires will manifest and you will experience the joy you came here to accomplish.

You ask this as if it is difficult, dear one and we say it never is.  Happiness is your birthright and not choosing it is a decision and not the other way round.  There is only happiness, though we choose to believe otherwise for various reasons.

 We set such high goals and when they do not manifest, we choose to be sad.  When in actuality we should not have given our strength to the thought that we were finished.  Goals are on going, they are always accomplished just may not happen in the time frame planned.  A goal is never failed for it lives inside you and will resurface when it is time to work toward it again.

 We sometimes choose to be ‘sad’ so that we can define why things are not turning out the way we want, weather it is a relationship, lack of money, feeling stuck in a situation or just not getting your way.  When we choose to be said, we are giving up on our dreams because that is easier than working at the accomplishment of them. 

 Be open to what is wanted, do not ask for specifics for that will close you off to what is truly wanted.  Look at the goal and not the lack of it.  Feel what is wanted but do not put a face on it.  You are truly blessed at all times and being happy is easy when the meaning of sadness is understood.  Remember we are always with you, guiding you, believing in you and once you see yourself the way we do… happiness becomes the choice.

How to be happy?

June 12, 2012

Oh, such an amazing subject, so simple and so difficult at the same time.  Happiness is the answer to the changes you are seeking.  But to go from fear and worry to happiness can sometimes be a process.  We are here to help you every step of the way but you have to want it.

 Who does not want to be happy?  You think this is you but chances are, it is not.  We want to be right more than we want to be happy.  We want revenge from being wronged more than we want to be happy.  We want our way, right or wrong more than we want to be happy.  So this being said, what are you willing to give up to be happy?  Seems silly, but in general most are not willing to give up the control of what is and the memory of what has wronged them to find the happiness they desire.

 Choose to be happy, no matter what, just for one day, one week and then one month and your energy will line up with your desires, your focus on what is good will have to surface and happy will no longer carry such resistance and then it must be. 

 We want you to be happy for this is who you really are.  We want you to see the good in situations for every bad thing does have good overtones.  We want you to love who you are for being happy will remind you of the where you came from, and where you are going.  Happiness is a choice, practice choosing it every chance you get and we promise you – your life will change, choices will open up to you and your desires will manifest.

Who am I?

June 5, 2012

 You are who you want to be.  You are who you believe you are.  This being said, who do you want to be?  It is that easy, you know.  There are so many things that stop you from achieving your dream but in reality there is only one thing that stops you and it is you.

 Listen to what calls you.  How does this make you feel?  This will determine if you are ready.  Sometimes we want to be ready but are paralyzed in fear.  Why you think, could something as natural as following your calling be so scary? 

 Scary is just your separation from your real self, you know.  Scary is what you use for a reason to not move forward.  Fear not, for you have nothing to lose unless you do not try.  Dreams are here for the taking and worthiness has nothing to do with it.

 It is us who call you toward your dreams, for it is you who desires change.  Move forward dear ones for we will be with you every step of the way.

We see what we want to see because we believe something and only pay attention to what supports that.  This, my dear is both beneficial and detrimental.  You see some call it being blind to the truth but we call it creating what is wanted.  This is why we ask of you to focus on the good in life, for then, that is what will be found. 

 If you believe in bad, then you will see eveidence of bad things everywhere you go.  So why do it?  Why think bad things happen to you?  Why trust in the worse situations until they come true? 

 It is not easy to change what you are use to, we know. So start small – you have it in you.  You know you do, there is a part of you that knows your power and if you choose to not believe it or if you have been ignoring it, it can not suface. 

 What do you want to be true for you?  Think about it, feel how good it would feel to have, pretend to have it, yes we said pretend and if you continue this with the good feeling it brings – it has to surface in your life.  It is that easy.

 Change how you think for the better and a better life will be yours.